With daily extensive risk and compliance checks and arranged (function) separations, FundShare guarantees the safety of the assets of the clients. In addition to their own internal controls, the sub-funds are (to a greater or lesser extent) supervised by the broker, depositary, accountant and the financial regulators (Autoriteit Financiele Markten and De Nederlandsche Bank).

In order to directly exclude possible risks, the following requirements also apply to all sub-funds in the UCITS umbrella fund:

  • No securities lending;
  • Only listed products without leverage;
  • Minimal spread required;
  • Low turnover rate; and
  • Annual due diligence and review.

These requirements exclude the sub-funds from risks of other sub-funds in the UCITS umbrella fund. Another requirement is that the investment policy and restrictions of each sub-fund are clear and transparent.

The investments and the composition of the investment portfolio must always be in line with the investment policy so clients can rely on all information and documentation.


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