Involved providers

FundShare has selected reliable and efficient providers from the sector around its 'qualified' money market funds. This structure gives FundShare access to a wide range of high-quality money market instruments in the financial markets.

  • Fund Manager: FundShare (FFM)
  • Administration: FFM (calculating NAV, participant administration and financial and supervisory reports)
  • Transfer agent: FundShare (process subscriptions and redemptions)
  • Legal Owner: Foundation Legal Property FundShare UCITS Umbrella Fund
  • Accountant: Mazars Accountants NV
  • Depositary: CACEIS
  • Broker/custodian: CACEIS
  • Distribution: FundSettle and Allfunds
  • Compliance: Charco & Dique


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FundShare Fund Management B.V.
Duivendrechtsekade 82
1096 AJ Amsterdam

+31 (0) 20 2477 277

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