FundShare Fund Management

FundShare Fund Management B.V., founded in 2006, manages investment funds under both the AIFMD and UCITS regime. Since its origin FundShare has been gaining expertise in regular fund management, qualified money market fund management, asset management and trading activities. FundShare has set up its processes extremely efficiently, so that there is a continuous focus on economies of scale and low costs. FundShare's solutions allow professional financial service providers to fully focus on their core activities.

FundShare Solutions

More and more complex laws and regulations are implemented in the financial sector. This responsibility takes a lot of time and money. At the same time, the end investor is increasingly focusing on costs. This creates friction for which FundShare Fund Management has various solutions. With a Sub-Fund in our umbrella funds you can focus on implementing your investment vision with low costs, an efficient and transparent structure. A FundShare Cash Fund is a qualified money market fund (QMMF) and offer a solution for the surplus money in a ‘beleggersgiro’ account.

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